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What Is Stamp Me And How Does It Work?
What Is Stamp Me And How Does It Work?

An overview of how the Stamp Me loyalty app works, including a video, and its benefits for businesses small to large.

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The Stamp Me Loyalty App is a highly effective and affordable customer retention tool for small, medium or large businesses. It works exactly like a paper stamp card, but on customer’s phones with all the benefits of digitalization!

People simply:

  1. Download the Stamp Me App on their phone and join your loyalty program via a variety of join methods.

  2. They then collect stamps each time they make a qualifying purchase or action.

  3. Once they’ve collected all their stamps, they automatically earn their reward to claim either in-person or remotely/online, depending on how the business operates.

How Stamp Me Works (Video):

You can also read our How it Works Guide.

But Stamp Me is so much more than just an App for members. The Stamp Me Loyalty Platform provides huge benefits for your business too, including:

See what it's all about:

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