How Do Members Get Stamps?

Learn about the different ways in which members can collect stamps both face-to-face and remote.

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There are currently three ways members can collect a stamp on a Stamp Me punch card. You are able to use any/all of these methods, depending on your plan, and which is most suitable for how you operate.

For a full breakdown of all of our available stamp methods, scroll down and download our free resource.

1. Stamp Code

  • Default stamp validation for physical stores / in-person transactions

  • Multi-use

  • Good for high transaction volume situations

A Stamp Code is a QR code that is unique to each loyalty Stamp Card and location. Members simply scan it through the Stamp Me App each time they wish to collect a stamp.

The code can be printed out and kept at each transaction point, and presented by staff.

The code does not expire, therefore, it will issue a stamp each time it is scanned. This is why it is good to keep it in a safe place where staff can monitor it.

2. OneStamps

  • Suitable for online/delivery or other remote transactions

  • Expires after use (one-use)

  • Multiple formats available (stickers or digital)

  • Good for high transaction volume situations

OneStamps are unique codes that issue a stamp to a member and then automatically expire. The member (or anyone else), cannot collect a stamp from the same code again.

They can be supplied in either a QR code format, or an alphanumeric code to type into the App.

OneStamps can be used digitally (such as included on email receipts, booking confirmations) or printed on stickers, cards, invoices/receipts or packaging etc. When you order OneStamps, you can specify the best format.

3. Merchant Console

  • Suitable for both face-to-face and remote transactions

  • Web-based platform

  • Good for low-to-medium volume transaction volumes

An admin can add stamps to member Stamp Cards and complete other management actions through the Stamp Me Merchant Console.

Many physical locations log into the console on an ipad or desktop, to apply stamps throughout the day.

This method is also ideal to issue stamps for online transactions. For example, an online service where the customer does not receive a physical product, like booking a hotel stay.

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