How to Use QR OneStamps

How to use one-use OneStamps in the QR code format to scan for remote transactions.

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The most common way to use OneStamps is by printing them onto sticky labels with a laser or inkjet printer. We provide OneStamps as a print-ready PDF file with instructions.

Simply peel the codes off the sheet and stick them onto your products, packaging, receipts or cards.

The labels are supplied by Avery or PPS, which can be purchased at office supply stores.

Label Size

The standard label size we use is 38.1mm x 21.2mm, which prints 65 codes per A4 sheet. Corresponding label codes are: J8651 (Inkjet), L7651 (Laser), PPS78651 (PPS).

We can arrange different size labels depending on your requirements. You can see the different sizes on the Avery website.

OneStamp Print Labels


The default label design will contain the QR code, a simple instruction and the Stamp Me logo.

If you would like to print the OneStamp codes onto something other than labels, or create your own design, we can supply you with the raw QR codes to arrange design and printing with your chosen supplier.

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