How to Order OneStamps

Learn how to get OneStamps - both QR code stickers and alphanumeric codes to issue stamps to members remotely.

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OneStamps are available in two formats, QR codes to scan in-app or a list of alphanumeric codes to type in-app.

Please order how many OneStamps you would like, and in what format from the 'Manage Stamp Methods' area of your Merchant Console, which is accessed by a button under the relevant Stamp Card.

Then select 'Order OneStamps' from the left hand side button.

Use the form to select the relevant location and stamp card that you want the codes for. Then select your format and quantity of OneStamps to order.

Hit proceed to order. A small admin fee of $5 applies which will be charged to the card on file immediately.

You can view past orders of OneStamps from the table that will appear underneath your Stamp Code, once at least one order has been placed. You can order more in the future from the red 'Order new batch button'.

If your Stamp Cards area does not look like this and you do not have a Stamp Methods area, please contact us to order OneStamps.

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