What Are OneStamps?

Learn how OneStamps can be a great solution for issuing stamps for non face-to-face transactions, or for take-away and delivery items.

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Want a quick overview of OneStamps and how it can be used for your business? Click here for a short video!

OneStamps are unique, one-use codes that allow members to collect a single stamp (and automatically join your Stamp Card at the same time, if they have not already).

Once the code has been used, it automatically expires. The user or any other user, cannot continue to earn stamps with that code.

It is the ideal secure solution for businesses with no face-to-face transactions with the end customer, or for quick service settings.

What format are OneStamps available in?

OneStamps can be generated in two formats, which can be used digitally, or printed:

  1. A QR code image to scan in-App

  2. An alphanumeric code to type in-App (for example coffeecafe1234)

An example of a QR code OneStamp printed onto a coffee cup and scanned within the Stamp Me App

An example of an alphanumeric code hand written onto a coffee cup and typed into the Stamp Me App

As standard, we offer OneStamp QR codes as a ready-to-print PDF sticker sheet with 65 codes per page (label size 38.1mm x 21.2mm). For digital use, we send images of the QR codes in a ZIP folder.

Alphanumeric codes are provided as a list in CSV or .xlsx format.

What are OneStamps good for?

  • Takeaway/food delivery services - coffee cups, drink bottles, meal packages etc

  • Online or mail order products - a card or sticker can be placed within or on packaging

  • Including on digital communications - order confirmations/ receipts, email marketing etc

  • Service-based businesses

  • Competitions and promotions

  • Onboarding new users onto a stamp program

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