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How to Use Alphanumeric OneStamps
How to Use Alphanumeric OneStamps
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We are able to provide OneStamps in an alphanumeric version for members to type into the Stamp Me App to collect a stamp. This is an alternative to OneStamp QR codes.

Typically we will send you these alphanumeric OneStamps as a list in an Excel file. You will be responsible for issuing them to members.

The codes will all be formatted with a memorable word as the prefix and will be followed by a random string of 4-8 numbers and/or letters. For example, a code could look like “Training8gP16” or “Cafe1063”.

One entered into the Stamp Me App, the code will give one stamp, and then it expires. If it is entered again, or used by another member after, it will not issue a stamp and an error message is displayed saying that the code has already been claimed.

These OneStamps are especially useful for including on a variety of assets such as receipts/confirmations, emails, or simply verbally relaying to the member.

Once you have issued an alphanumeric OneStamp, you can delete it, or strike it out to ensure it is not issued again.

How to claim a OneStamps in the App:

Open the Stamp Me App > press ‘+’ > select scan or enter code > select enter code > type code > select submit > stamp applied!

How to order alphanumeric OneStamps:

If you are on a Pro or Elite plan, you are able to have as many OneStamps as you think you need.

We will revert with an Excel spreadsheet list for you to issue them how you wish.

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