What is a Stamp Code?

Learn what a Stamp Code is and how it behaves with issuing stamps to member Stamp Cards.

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A Stamp Code is a QR code and the primary way to allocate stamps to members in-person. Members simply scan it using our in-App camera to collect a stamp.

If a member is not part of your program, it will also join them to your Stamp Card on the first scan, so they can use it time and time again.

Stamp Codes are unique per location and Stamp Card. For example, if you have two locations and set up two stamp cards for each, you will receive four Stamp Codes.

Note: When scanned with just a phone camera, the Stamp Code will either automatically open the Stamp Me App (if the customer already has Stamp Me downloaded), or will direct users to their relevant App Store, to download Stamp Me (if they do not already have it). The Stamp Code must be scanned through the Stamp Me App to allocate a stamp.

How to get started with a Stamp Code:

You might want to print the document and fold it along the dotted lines. Put it at a convenient, yet safe place at each of your transaction points (e.g. next to, or behind your cash register).

A Stamp Code can be used multiple times and does not expire. Therefore, it is important not to display the code publicly without control (to avoid people collecting unearned stamps).

A time delay can be set up between a member's stamp collections if required.

We recommend that you laminate or frame your Stamp Code(s) to keep it clean.

Note: If you are using a Stamp Mate™ Device, you should still print your Stamp Code as a backup. Members should press the ‘Scan Code Instead’ button to switch to the QR camera reader.

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