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How Do I Regenerate a StampCode?
How Do I Regenerate a StampCode?

Learn how to regenerate a stamp code from the Merchant Console.

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Follow the steps below to regenerate a StampCode. This can be done at any time and takes a matter of seconds. You can do this if your StampCode has stopped working or has been damaged or you want a fresh code for your customers to scan.

How to Regenerate a StampCode:

  1. Log in to your Merchant Console

  2. Head to the Stamp Methods area

  3. Select 'Manage Stamp Methods' under the stamp card you wish to regenerate a code for

  4. Under 'My Stamp Methods' you'll see the block displaying your current StampCode

  5. Click 'Regenerate QR code' in blue

6. Confirm 'Yes'

7. There you go! Your new code has been generated

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