What Is A Time Delay Between Stamping?

Learn about what a time delay between stamping means and why it is a useful feature to control member stamp activity.

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The time delay setting allows you to have more control over member stamping.

Once set up, a member can collect their first stamp but the next one cannot be issued for the period of time you set.

If a member tries to collect another stamp within this time delay period, they will get an error message with how long they have to wait until they can collect their next stamp.

Example of a time delay error message

The delay can be anything you like such as 30 seconds. 2 minutes, 2 hours or 12 hours. It does not affect or prevent other members from collecting stamps.

By default there is no time delay meaning customers can collect multiple stamps in a row. You can easily set up a time delay from your Merchant Console for each Stamp Card or by contacting us.

Why should I set a time delay?

Setting up a time delay is an additional security measure that can help prevent misuse by users claiming unearned or accidental additional stamps.

Alternatively, it is useful if you simply want to set up a limit of only one stamp per day, for example. In this instance, you could set up 12 hours.

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