Time delays between a member's stamp collections can be set up from your Merchant Console, or by contacting us.

How to set up a time delay:

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Select Stamp Cards from the red menu

  3. Select the stamp card you wish to edit, by clicking the relevant tab under the page heading. If you only have one stamp card, you do not need to do this.

  4. Select edit details

  5. Select settings

  6. Enter the time delay (in seconds) you wish to set up

Press save & exit to save changes

It is recommended to specify the time delay in the Terms & Conditions for members that displays on the back of the Stamp Card. You can do this from stamp cards > edit details > terms & conditions > save & exit. How to edit 'More Details'.

To disable the time delay, enter 0 in the field and save changes.

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