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How to Issue Stamps From the Merchant Console
How to Issue Stamps From the Merchant Console

A step-by-step guide how to assign stamps to member's stamp cards via the Merchant Console.

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Stamps can be added to a member's Stamp Card manually by an admin from the Merchant Console.

How to add stamps from the Merchant Console:

  1. Login to the Merchant Console

  2. Select Members from the red left hand side menu

  3. Select Give Stamps from the button to the right hand side of the screen

  4. Select the required information:

    - Location
    - Stamp card to apply stamps to
    - The member by searching or scrolling through the list
    - The number of stamps to apply to their card

  5. Select Next

  6. Review confirmation. If you want to make a change, press Go Back

  7. Select Proceed to apply stamps

Stamps will apply to the member’s stamp card after a few seconds. If they do not appear instantly, simply exit the app and reopen it again to refresh the card.

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