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What is the Birthday Club?
What is the Birthday Club?

Learn how you can surprise & delight your members on their special day with Stamp Me's Birthday Club.

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The Birthday Club is a feature that creates a positive brand relationship by making members feel valued on their special day.

A greeting message and optional reward voucher can be automatically sent to your members on, or a number of days before their birthday.

Available to Pro and Elite plan holders, the Birthday Club can be easily activated from the Merchant Console. Instructions on how to set up the Birthday Club are here.

How does the Birthday Club work ?

When a member gets a stamp on a Stamp Card for the first time, they will automatically be invited to join the Birthday Club, if it is activated for that program.

If the member opts-in, they will be sent either an SMS or push notification greeting on, or before their date of birth.

A reward voucher can be attached to the message which will be added to the member’s list of rewards to use before the specified expiry date.

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