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What Does a Stamp Me Push Notification Look Like?
What Does a Stamp Me Push Notification Look Like?

How a Push Notification sent from a Stamp Me Merchant Console appears on a member's phone.

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Push Notifications can be sent to Stamp Me program members from the Merchant Console. They are free and unlimited.

The message is sent through the Stamp Me App and will pop-up as a notification on the user’s phone. It will either appear on their home screen or in the notification centre, depending on their phone.

It will appear to come from Stamp Me, and your business name will be attached as the prefix to the message, so the member knows who it is from.

Push Notifications will only display if the user has Push Notification permissions turned on for the Stamp Me App.

If the Push Notification is selected from the members phone, it will open the Stamp Me app, and display the message again for 10 seconds in a red notification bar.

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