What is the Reward Voucher?
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A reward voucher is an automatically generated on-screen electronic voucher for face-to-face reward redemptions.

Once the reward point has been achieved on a Stamp Card, the voucher is automatically generated and sent to the member’s account. Members need to show staff the voucher on their phone screen, in order to claim the specified reward.

The reward voucher displays your logo, reward name, and is animated with popping confetti to prove that it is a live voucher and not a screenshot. It is also time and date stamped, and counts down from 3 minutes.

A reward voucher image can be uploaded in place of the default text.

The voucher will either expire after 3 minutes, or disappears once the member presses complete to confirm receipt of the reward. The reason for this is that the voucher is one-use only, so it will be removed once claimed.

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