What is a Reward Voucher Image?

Learn what the reward voucher image means, and the different uses of one on in-app vouchers.

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A reward voucher image is an image, icon or text that can be uploaded as a JPG file onto the animated in-app reward voucher. It replaces the default logo and messaging in the centre of the voucher.

It is often used to display an image of the reward or something to help staff identify what the reward is. This is especially useful for quick service environments, or to help differentiate between reward vouchers, if there are multiple rewards set up.

You may also wish to upload instructions to the member here. For example, “Show staff this screen to claim your free X” or “Congrats you’ve earned a free X [image]”.

The file must be JPG format, 300x300 and under 200KB in size. If you have trouble uploading the file to these specifications, we can upload it for you.

Example default voucher vs custom image uploaded:

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