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Why Can’t My Member Collect A Stamp from a QR Code?
Why Can’t My Member Collect A Stamp from a QR Code?

Have a user with problems collecting a stamp from your Stamp Code or OneStamp? Here are some common problems & fixes

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If a member is having issues collecting a stamp with a Stamp Code or OneStamp, it is likely due to one of these reasons:

  1. No network connection

    The member’s smartphone needs to be connected to 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi. They also need to ensure flight mode is off.

  2. User error with scanning

    A stamp can only be collected using the Stamp Me in-app camera.

    Within the Stamp Me App, the member needs to press ‘Stamp Me’ on the relevant Stamp Card to bring up the camera screen. Alternatively they can press ‘+’ > ‘Scan or enter code’.

    Note: If the Stamp Code is scanned with just the phone camera, it will open the Stamp Me App (but will not apply a stamp). Alternatively, it will direct people to the App Store to download it, if they do not already.

  3. Phone camera lens is dirty/cracked

    If a member is scanning a OneStamp, Stamp Code or Join Code, this should work instantly. However if their camera screen is dirty, damaged or cracked, this can prevent clear registration of the code.

    In this scenario you can issue them a stamp manually from your Merchant Console.

  4. They are scanning an expired OneStamp

    If you are using OneStamps, they will only issue one stamp when scanned, and then expire.

    If members scan an already used OneStamp they will get an error message telling them it has already been claimed. Please ensure you do not issue OneStamps that have already been given out.

    If there is another error message when scanning a OneStamp, please contact us to let us know.

  5. They are scanning a Stamp Code for a disabled Stamp Card

    If you have disabled a Stamp Card from your Merchant Console, the program will be removed from the Stamp Me App.

    If a member tries to scan the Stamp Code relating to this disabled Stamp Card, they will receive a "Code not recognised" message.

    You will either need to enable the Stamp Card, or remove/destroy the Stamp Code so members do not use it.

    Still need help? Please contact us.

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