If you wish to disable your Stamp Card from the Stamp Me App and all relevant data from the data dashboard, you can do so from your Merchant Console, or by contacting us.

This does not cancel your subscription, it just disables the card.

Instructions how to disable/enable a Stamp Card:

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Select Stamp Cards from the red left hand menu

  3. Select the stamp card you wish to disable/enable, by clicking the relevant tab under the page heading. If you only have one stamp card, you do not need to do this.

  4. Select Edit details from the top left area

  5. Select Settings

  6. Toggle settings to either Stamp Card: Live or Stamp Card: Disabled

  7. Press Save & exit to save changes

Changes are applied immediately to the Stamp Me App, but you may need to exit and reopen it to refresh it.

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