What Is A Join Code?

Learn what a join code is, how it behaves, and how it can help promote and get people joined to your Stamp Me Loyalty Platform.

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A Join Code allows a customer to join a stamp card when it is scanned or entered within the Stamp Me app. It does not issue stamps.

By default, we provide a QR code version for every Stamp Card, which members can scan. An alphanumeric Join Code which members can type into the App, (for example β€œjoinjoes”) is available on request.

When a QR Join Code is scanned with a phone camera, it will direct people to download Stamp Me on their App Store, or open the Stamp Me app if they already have it downloaded. When scanned within the Stamp Me App, it will join the member to the Stamp Card.

A Join Code can be used multiple times by different members, but it will only join a member once.

How to use Join Codes:

Your Join Code is for publicly promoting your loyalty program.

It can be included on various marketing materials (or told to customers if it is an alphanumeric code). For example, placed on flyers, posters, social media and websites, along with the instruction to download Stamp Me and scan or enter it in-app to join your program.

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