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How to Promote Your Stamp Me Loyalty Program
How to Promote Your Stamp Me Loyalty Program

Ideas, resources and inspiration about how to announce and market your Stamp Me Loyalty Program to your audience.

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Congratulations – you have your customer retention tool ready to go. Now what?

Well, you could have the most amazing loyalty program in the world, but if no one knows about it, simply put – it will flop!

Marketing your loyalty program effectively is absolutely key to its success. But don’t worry! With our handy templates, ideas and downloadable resources, you can do it quickly and easily with minimal effort required.

Here are some ways you can let the world know about your awesome loyalty program:

1. Website: webpage or blog post

Educate your potential loyalty members about your program with a dedicated loyalty page on your website, or publish a blog post as an announcement.

Don’t forget to include your Join Code and information about how people can join.

2. Social media

Use your social media channels to announce and regularly post about your loyalty program. Remember once is not enough!

The advantage with social media is that you already have a keen audience who are interested in the business and are likely the ideal candidates for your program.

Here's some more social media inspiration. Ready-to-use social media images can be found in our Brand Folder.

3. Email announcement

Drop everyone on your mailing list an email announcing your loyalty program and what exciting rewards and benefits they can get if they join.

If you don’t have an EDM platform already, let us know. If you have email addresses we can design and send a branded email on your behalf.

4. Display marketing material in-store (if applicable)

Customers should be able to walk into your store and immediately know all about your loyalty program. That’s why we provide you with everything you need to do this:

5. Email signature

Do you often communicate with your customers via email? Add a short line or image to your email signature about your loyalty program. Link to your dedicated loyalty webpage for more information, if you have created one.

6. Order Join Cards or create leaflets/flyers

Are you an online store or do you deliver goods to your customers? Design a leaflet or card advertising your loyalty program and include it within your packaging. Don’t forget to include your Join Code!

Interested in Join Cards? You can order join cards here - we do the designing for free!

7. Use staff!

Your staff are at the forefront of your business so ensure they are well trained about Stamp Me so they can be ambassadors and tell people to join your program. We have a printable quick guide here.

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