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How to Train Staff About Your Loyalty Program
How to Train Staff About Your Loyalty Program

Your staff are key to the program's success! Here's some ideas how to train your staff about your Stamp Me Loyalty Program.

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Want to quickly train your staff on Stamp Me basics? Then send them the video above!

Your staff are your loyalty program ambassadors and the key to the success of your program.

Therefore it’s important staff not only understand how Stamp Me works to encourage sign-ups, but they can also advise customers in the instance of any problems.

Here are some ideas and resources about how to train your staff about Stamp Me:

1. Explain the loyalty program

First of all, it’s essential to inform staff of your new loyalty program and convey why you have set one up. It will help your staff to understand the importance of its success.

Talk them through the terms and conditions (what qualifies for a stamp and any exclusions, for example) and how it works on the App face-to-face.

Scheduling weekly or monthly staff meetings or refreshers are very beneficial. Relaying the latest sign-up and redemption stats is a great way to make your employees feel part of the process and keeps the momentum going.

2. Encourage staff to download the app

Probably the best way for staff to get to grips with the app is for them to download Stamp Me and use it themselves.

You could even set up a staff test/demo Stamp Card and set it to private, or setup their own special reward program which is not available to the public.

That way, they will be much more comfortable ‘selling’ the program to your customers because they have used it themselves!

3. Display this cheat sheet

This staff cheat sheet will help walk in-store staff through the sign-up, stamping and redemption process.

Make sure you print at least one of these to be displayed in a staff room and one beside the POS for quick referencing.

4. Create sign-up incentives & competitions

Looking for a good way to motivate your employees to encourage more loyalty program signups? Well, guess what? Rewards work for them too!

How about creating a weekly leaderboard so staff can compete to see how many in-store sign-ups they can get? The winner with the most customer sign-ups could be allocated a reward, perk or bonus.

5. Share this video

This overview video shows how Stamp Me works, which you can share with staff:

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