If you do not want your Stamp Card to publicly appear in the in-app search feature (‘Explore New Offers’), you can hide it from your Merchant Console (Pro & Elite plans only).

Once hidden, a private Stamp Card can only be joined when a Join Code or Stamp Code is provided to the member. Alternatively, admins can join a member to a private Stamp Card via their Merchant Console.

Instructions how to make a Stamp Card private:

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Select Stamp Cards from the red menu

  3. Select the Stamp Card tab underneath the page heading that you wish to make private. If you only have one Stamp Card, this is not applicable

  4. Select edit details

  5. Select settings

  6. Toggle public card to private card (grey toggle)

  7. Save & exit

To make your card reappear in the Explore New Offers search list, toggle it back on to public (green toggle) and save.

Note: ensure your Stamp Card is set to ‘live’ to ensure it can still be joined via the other methods described above.

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