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How to Create a Member on a Stamp Me Program
How to Create a Member on a Stamp Me Program
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As well as the multiple ways people can join themselves to your program, admins can also create and add customers to a program via the Merchant Console.

This is especially useful for joining single members in-store, or if you are an online business and want to run Stamp Me without the app.

How to add a single loyalty member via the console:

  1. Log in to the Merchant Console

  2. Select Members

  3. Select Create Member

  4. Enter required fields: first name, last name, email, phone number and stamp card to join.

  5. Next

  6. (Exit, or create another member)

What will happen next?

If a customer has not previously registered with Stamp Me, they should download Stamp Me and login with the phone number you entered. Once they do, they will see the card there.

If a customer has previously registered on Stamp Me but are not yet joined to your Stamp Card, they will be notified with a push notification that they have been joined. The stamp card will appear in their app when it refreshes.

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