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How to Promote Stamp Me On a Website
How to Promote Stamp Me On a Website

Inspiration & ideas how to advertise your Stamp Me Loyalty Program on your website.

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A dedicated blog post or page on your website is an ideal way to communicate to customers about your loyalty program.

It becomes a great go-to resource for people to know how to sign up and learn more in their own time. Here's how to promote Stamp Me on your website:

1. Create a webpage

We recommend a permanent web page that can be found from the main navigation menu/homepage of your website

This webpage can also be the dedicated landing page for any other online advertising campaigns you may do about the program, such as PPC or Google Ads/Re-marketing campaigns.

What should the webpage include?

The simpler the content here, the better. There are only really five things you need to include:

Don’t forget to add some images such as screenshots of your Stamp Card! Have a look here to access some digital collateral/images you may wish to include.

Web page content examples:

Here are some examples of how businesses are promoting their Stamp Me loyalty program on their website:

Web page template:

You may also wish to use the below template – just change the information in the square brackets:

Introducing our Stamp Me loyalty program – the new way to earn rewards every time you spend at [business name].

Get one stamp for every [$10 spent]. Earn [5] stamps and get [a free coffee] – simple!

Download the Stamp Me App from your Google Play or Apple App Store and register. Search us or press ‘+’ and then scan this QR Code to Join our card and start earning rewards [and get X sign up reward free just for joining]!

[Don’t forget to join our Birthday Club to get a gift on your special day!]

For more information see or contact us at [].

How do I set up a webpage?

Contact your website administrator to do this for you, making sure you include the above information. Alternatively, see this website about how to publish a page on WordPress.

2. Publish a blog post

A blog post is a great way to announce and include a little more information about your program within your blog/latest news section on your website.

It’s also a good alternative to setting up a dedicated web page. However if you post to your blog often, a blog post may become hidden and be harder to find on your website than a web page. We recommend both!

Blog post template:

Need some inspiration? Click here to access some generic blog post content we’ve created for you. Just change the information in bold to suit you, and then you’re ready to publish!

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