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How to Promote Stamp Me On Social Media
How to Promote Stamp Me On Social Media

Ideas and resources about how to advertise your Stamp Me Loyalty Program on your social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

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Social media is one of the easiest, if not the easiest way to announce your loyalty program and keep people updated about it.

Chances are your followers are already (or have the potential to be) your most loyal customers and brand advocates, therefore the perfect candidates for your loyalty program.

Remember to post about it regularly for the benefit of new followers and just in case the initial posts were missed.

Here are some ideas and resources how promote your loyalty program on social media:

Example social media campaigns:

  • Share your loyalty program blog post or dedicated webpage – a quick and easy way to notify the public and direct traffic to your website for further information. (Don't have this yet? Set up a loyalty page on your website).

  • Post an image on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – accompany your image with a caption about the loyalty program. It could be a picture of a coffee along with something like:

    We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new loyalty program. Download the Stamp Me app and search us. For every $10 spent you’ll get a digital stamp. Earn 8 stamps and get a coffee on us”.
    Find some pre-made images to use here.

  • Create a share competition – customers repost your Instagram story and tag you, tag friends in your Facebook post or retweet your post on Twitter to spread the news about the program and earn themselves a free stamp or reward for doing so.

  • Do an Instagram or Facebook story – show a video of a customer collecting a stamp or create a step-by-step guide from images.

  • Create a targeted ad on Facebook or Instagram – create a paid advertisement and target people based on their location or their interests and demographics, depending on your business.

  • Write a post caption and link to the Stamp Me website – a simple way to direct people to the Stamp Me website to see how it works.

Social media tools:

Stock images:

If you are struggling to find or take good images to use on your social media, have a look at some license-free pictures on websites such as Unsplash or Pexels.

You don’t have to create an account and they’re free to download.

laptop frame showing a gallery of stock images


If you want to make your Facebook or Instagram stories look attractive with frames, different text and unique layouts, download phone apps such as Unfold or Story Art.

Scheduling programs:

To ensure the message about your loyalty program is not missed, you should post about it regularly.

Social media scheduling tools are a lifesaver to do this when you’re busy. You can set up months of intermittent social media posts in advance and then forget about them as they post automatically for you.

Have a look at programs such as Buffer, Hootesuite and Later to see which would work best for you.

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