Stamp Me is the ideal solution for building a relationship with end consumers, solving the challenge of how to foster loyalty when there is no face-to-face contact with the buyer.

A digital loyalty program is highly effective for businesses in many different industries, including those with online transactions.

One of the biggest benefits of having a loyalty program with Stamp Me is a direct communication channel with members via SMS text messages and push notifications.

Or, if customers typically purchase through a third party delivery app (such as UberEats, DoorDash or Deliveroo), here is the chance to win them over to come direct to avoid paying commissions.

There are a variety of stamp methods available that are suitable for online, delivery or other non-consumer facing businesses. Pro or Elite plan holders can use any combination of the below methods.

Suitable Stamp Methods for E-commerce Businesses:


OneStamps are unique codes that allow members to collect one-off stamps. They can only be used once and expire when claimed.

They can be in a QR code format to scan, or an alphanumeric code to type into the Stamp Me App.

QR code OneStamps are great as stickers and placed onto packaging, products or flyers/cards. Alphanumeric OneStamps are ideal for using digitally, such as on email confirmations or e-receipts. See more about how to use QR OneStamps.

Merchant Console

Stamps can be applied manually to customer Stamp Cards through a web-based Merchant Console after members have made a purchase.

This is a good solution for businesses who generally have a low-medium amount of orders, as there is some admin required.

Shopify Integration - coming soon!

A Shopify integration is coming soon - register your interest here to ensure you are the first to hear about it!

How members redeem online rewards:

Issuing discount codes automatically for future purchases or manual reward fulfilment can be set up. Learn more about remote reward redemptions.

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