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Why Can’t A Member Collect A Stamp From a Stamp Mate Device?
Why Can’t A Member Collect A Stamp From a Stamp Mate Device?
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If you are legacy merchant with a Stamp Mate Device and a member is having a problem getting a stamp, it is likely for one of these reasons:

1. Bluetooth/NFC is not switched on

In order to use the Stamp Mate™ Device the member must have their phone’s Bluetooth or NFC turned on.

A member is automatically prompted to turn these settings on when they first attempt to claim a stamp (if it’s not on already) but may not be prompted again if the notification is dismissed.

2. They are not joined to your Stamp Card

In order to collect a stamp using a device, members must first be joined to your Stamp Card. The quickest way is via Explore New Offers.

They should press ‘Stamp Me’ on the card they want to collect a stamp from first, and when they see the red pulsating screen, then touch their phone on the device.

3. Their phone case prevents the Bluetooth/NFC signal

Some phone cases are too thick and block NFC or Bluetooth signals. In this instance, a member will struggle to collect a stamp with a Stamp Mate device.

They should remove their phone cover or press the ‘scan code instead’ button to scan the QR Stamp Code with their camera.

4. Phone is not touching the Stamp Mate Device

The back or side of the smartphone may need to actually touch the Stamp Mate Device for a few seconds in order for a stamp to register.

If they have an Android phone, the member might need to move their phone around on the device to find the correct NFC tag spot.

5. Batteries have run out / device damaged

The Bluetooth rays in Stamp Mate Devices are powered by batteries. Typically they have a 4-5 year life span.

If you are noticing that iphone users are no longer able to collect a stamp, but Android phones are, the batteries will have stopped working. You can replace them, or request a new device.

If you are noticing it has stopped working altogether for both iphones & android phones, the device may have been damaged. Please request a new device.

6. Device is not activated

If you have not confirmed receipt of the device, it may not have been activated yet. Please email us with your 4-digit code on the back to ensure it has been turned on as we cannot post it activated.

Still need help? Please contact us.

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