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What Phones Support NFC Functionality?
What Phones Support NFC Functionality?

Learn what device models have in-built NFC capabilities in order to use Stamp Mate Devices.

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Our legacy Stamp Mate Devices or plastic tags apply stamps to member Stamp Cards using NFC technology (Near Field Communication).

User’s need to ensure that NFC or mobile payments is turned on in their device settings. If it is off, members will be prompted to turn it on in-app when collecting a stamp.

Phone’s must have NFC capabilities in order for these devices to work. Most modern phones now have built-in NFC (all phones with NFC capability are listed here). However:

Motorolas released in 2021 or earlier, Iphones released in 2014 or earlier, and Android phones released in 2011 or earlier, may not have built-in NFC functionality.

This list specifies most of the common phone models without NFC:

  • Motorola models released prior to 2021

  • Iphone 6

  • Iphone 6 Plus

  • Iphone 5

  • Iphone 5c

  • Iphone 5s

  • Iphone 4

  • Iphone 4s

  • Iphone 3GS

  • Iphone 3G

  • Iphone (original)

If you are using a Stamp Mate Device or plastic tag and a member has one of these phones, you should apply a stamp though an alternative stamping method.

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