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What is The StampPod™?

Learn about the StampPod™ validation device to issue stamps through an NFC pod.

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Looking for a quick breakdown? Click on the video above to learn about how it works, best use cases, and why it's useful for your business.

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Our StampPod™ is a small device that uses 'tap-and-go' technology to issue stamp(s) when a member places their phone on top of it.

The customer must have NFC enabled on their smartphone to use this stamp method.

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How a member collects a stamp with the StampPod:

  1. Member presses ‘Stamp Me’ on the stamp card they want to collect a stamp on

  2. They hold the back of their phone on top of the StampPod™ Device, where the NFC symbol is displayed

  3. Success! A vibration and ping confirm a stamp has been added to their Stamp Card

Note: If a phone does not have NFC capability, the device will not work. They must press ‘Scan Code Instead’ and scan the StampCode instead of the device.

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