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How Rewards Vouchers Are Issued (For Face-to-Face Redemption)
How Rewards Vouchers Are Issued (For Face-to-Face Redemption)

The default process for how in-app reward vouchers are triggered and issued to members through the Stamp Me App.

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A reward voucher is triggered automatically in the Stamp Me App when a member achieves the number of stamps specified when setting up a Stamp Card. This could be when completing the stamp card (main reward) or at interim reward points.

There is a different process available for businesses who have remote transactions and do not require an in-app reward voucher. For example, for issuing a prize draw entry, discount codes or other non face-to-face redemptions.

How reward vouchers are issued:

1. Once the member has achieved the required number of stamps, a green pop-up message notifies and congratulates the member. A red icon also displays on the gift icon on the Stamp Card home screen.

2. The reward voucher is automatically generated and shows under the member's rewards list.

3. Members can redeem their reward voucher on their next visit, or save it for another time. An expiry date can be added to reward vouchers.

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