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How to Use Stamp Me for Prize Draw Programs
How to Use Stamp Me for Prize Draw Programs

Want to have a prize draw entry as your main reward for completing a Stamp Card? Here's how competition entries work on Stamp Me.

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Typically rewards on Stamp Cards are free services, products or discounts for future purchases. However, an entry into a competition or prize draw can be a great reward, especially if there is a large cash prize or enticing gift up for grabs!

Here’s how you can operate a competition entry as your main reward on Stamp Me:

Once the member collects enough stamps to achieve the entry, a pop-up confirmation in the app can appear (there will be no in-app reward voucher). This message is customisable and determined by you. Typically this would say something like:

Congratulations for completing your Stamp Card! You have received 1 x entry into the prize draw to win XXX. We’ll be in touch on XX/XX/XXXX if you’re the lucky winner!"

Entries as recorded as redemptions in the Merchant Console. Alternatively, they can be automatically collected on a spreadsheet for your reference.

You use this data to randomly select your winner and contact them directly to arrange the prize fulfilment.

If you would like to set up a prize draw entry as your main reward, please contact us.

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