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How to Create a Stamp Card

An easy step-by-step guide on how to sign up for Stamp Me and draft and publish your first stamp card, to kickstart your loyalty program.

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It’s easy to build a stamp card on Stamp Me as the console leads you through each step. If it’s your first time, here’s how to build a Stamp Card:

  1. Create a free account, which you can also do from the pricing page or by pressing Get Started anywhere on our website.

  2. Complete your personal information

  3. Press Continue

  4. Complete your business information

  5. Press Get Started, which will direct you to your console, prompting you to start creating your first Stamp Card.

  6. Press Create Stamp Card

  7. Fill card design information (Some settings are not mandatory: website URL, offer details, join stamps, stamp icon, and advanced settings can be done later).

  8. Press Next

  9. Enter main reward details; you can add multiple rewards after you have created your main one.

  10. Press Save Reward then Next

  11. Enter your business location information; you can add more locations by pressing the Add Address button.

  12. Press Save Location then Next

  13. Review the summary; to edit a particular section, click the pen icon on the right hand side of the section you want to make changes to.

  14. When satisfied, press Finish

  15. Press Yes, Publish

  16. Select your plan

  17. Enter payment details and press Start Trial, which will activate your Stamp Card. You get a free trial before you will be charged anything.

Once published, you'll be able to access your Stamp Methods and when you're ready, implement your awesome new retention tool!

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