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What's The Best Way To Issue Stamps?
What's The Best Way To Issue Stamps?

Learn the difference between our stamp validation methods so you know which one is the best way to issue stamps for how you operate.

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At Stamp Me, we believe the more options, the better. Especially when it comes to stamp issuing, where finding what suits your business best is essential.

Below is a helpful downloadable guide that reviews all of our available stamp methods and gives some real examples of businesses using them.

Available Stamp Methods:

Stamp Code: A QR code that can be scanned multiple times to issue stamps. Members simply scan it using our in-app camera to collect a stamp. You can download your Stamp Code(s) from your Merchant Console. Perfect for physical businesses, instantly accessible, and easy to implement.

Lux Nails Bar displays their Stamp Code at their point-of-sale so that customers can earn a stamp through the QR code.

OneStamps: Members scan or collect a unique, one-time code. Once the code is scanned or entered, the code automatically expires. It will not issue any more stamps. You can order OneStamps from the ‘Manage Stamp Methods’ section of your Merchant Console. Perfect for takeaway food/delivery services and online businesses, but work well for in-store operations with high purchase volume.

Sticky AF applies OneStamps to their disposable vape and cannabis products for customers to earn a stamp after making an online purchase.

Merchant Console: Stamps are applied manually to a customer’s profile. From the Merchant Console, head to the ‘Members‘ area and press ‘Give Stamps‘. Follow the prompts and proceed. The stamps will apply to the member‘s stamp card after a few seconds. Perfect for on-the-go or remote merchants.

Stamp Device: An NFC-enabled device that makes stamping a breeze. To collect a stamp, customers simply press the ‘Stamp Me‘ button on the stamp card and tap their phone on the device. A stamp will automatically be added. Perfect for physical businesses who are looking for a modern edge.

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