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Can I Have Multiple Rewards?
Can I Have Multiple Rewards?

All the different ways that you can provide multiple rewards for members on your Stamp Card.

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Multiple rewards can be set up on one Stamp Card. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Creating interim rewards which are rewards achieved at different points on the Stamp Card.

  2. Combining multiple rewards onto one reward voucher to be redeemed at the same time. For example a free cake and a coffee voucher, and the cake and coffee have to be redeemed together.

  3. Issuing multiple separate reward vouchers at the same time. For example, on stamp 10, 1x coffee voucher and 1 x cake voucher is triggered. Therefore there are two different reward vouchers which can be claimed at different times if required.

You can also set up multiple stamp cards with different end rewards (and/or terms and conditions).

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