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How to Lookup a Member's Profile on Stamp Me
How to Lookup a Member's Profile on Stamp Me
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Historic stamp and redemption activity for different time frames can be viewed from the dashboard section of the Merchant Console. However, you can also access and download general member data and lookup an individual member profile view via the Members area.

The member profile view is accessed by clicking on the relevant member row from the Members area.

The member profile allows you to see an overview of stats based on just that user, such as their all time total stamp collections and reward redemptions, their personal details and what stamp cards they are joined to (if you have multiple).

You can also complete actions specific to that user, such as sending them a reward, communication, triggering a redemption and giving them a stamp.

Instructions how to view a member’s profile:

  1. Log in to the Merchant Console

  2. Select Members from the red left-hand side menu

  3. Select the location and Stamp Card to load specific member data from if you have multiple (if you don't it may show data as N/A)

  4. Scroll the list by using the navigation to the bottom right, or use the search bar to look up a specific user via name, email address or phone number

  5. Click anywhere on the row of the member you want to view

    You are now looking at the member's Stamp Me profile.

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