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Understanding User Communication Consent
Understanding User Communication Consent

Everything you need to know about Stamp Me user communication consent.

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Stamp Me is committed to maintaining our users' privacy and upholding personal choices. That’s why we gain explicit marketing communication consent on your behalf when users initially register on Stamp Me.

Users can also update their preferences at any time from their app settings under ‘Communication Preferences’.

What Does This Mean?

These communication preferences dictate whether a user wishes to receive marketing communications from you.

These could be sent via the Stamp Me platform, such as Push Notifications and SMS text messages, or off the platform, such as email.

We automatically prevent you from communicating with non-consented Stamp Me users through our in-platform features. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you only send promotional communications to users who have consented to the Stamp Me platform. i.e. through integrations or if you download data.

This move towards more granular control helps ensure that your marketing efforts are directed toward users who are genuinely interested in hearing from you.

Please note Stamp Me will never send your members promotional messages, only important transactional messages, like password resets.

Implications for You:

  • Targeted Communications: Users who do not consent to marketing communications will be automatically excluded from loading your table of members to send Push Notifications and SMS messages. This assures that you are complying with user preferences.

  • Birthday Club Participation: Users who opted out of marketing communications will not receive Birthday Club announcements. However, they will still receive any associated reward vouchers.

  • Lapsed Customer Messages: Users who have opted out of marketing communications will not receive a Lapsed Customer Message.

  • Downloading Data: If you download data, you will see a column called ‘Consent’. ‘Yes’ means consent has been provided. ‘No’ means consent has not been provided. You should not send marketing communications to users specified as ‘No’.

  • Updating Preferences: You (the business) cannot update communication preferences on a user’s behalf. Users must do this themselves via their app settings. Instructions here.

  • Inactive users: Users who have been created via the Merchant Console and have not downloaded the Stamp Me App are considered ‘inactive’. Inactive users will also not load into the members table to send Push Notifications to, because they would not receive them without the app, even if they have consented.

How to Check the Consent Status of Members:

1. Member profile:

Within the Stamp Me Merchant Console, you can view a single user's consent status in their member profile.

Simply click on a member profile and look for the status under their personal information. A tick means consent and no tick means no consent.

* Note: for members who have opted out of communications, the option to send a message is greyed out, preventing you from doing so.

An example of a member who has consented to comms (left) and a member who has opted out (right).

2. Members Table/ Downloaded Data

You can also view member’s communication consent preferences in bulk by checking the ‘Communication Preferences’ box under the three dots, at the top right of the members table:

This adds the column to the table. Scroll to the right to view it. Click the up/down arrows to group ‘yes’ and ‘no’ selections together.

When you download data from the member’s table as a CSV file, you will also see a ‘Consent’ column:

If you have any questions or concerns about consent preferences, please contact us.

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