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How to Redeem a Member's Reward
How to Redeem a Member's Reward

How to mark a members reward as having been redeemed via the Merchant Console.

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Admins are able to redeem a member’s reward from the Merchant Console.

This means the reward voucher will be removed from the User App, and marked as having been claimed in the console, so it will appear in the redemptions data within the Dashboard section.

This is how businesses who are managing the program for customers who do not download the Stamp Me App will keep track of earned rewards, and mark them as having been redeemed.

Triggering a redemption can also be used as a quick way to remove a reward in the instance of a mistake or duplicate rewards being sent out.

Instructions how to redeem a members reward:

  1. Log in to the Merchant Console

  2. Select Members from the red left-hand menu

  3. Lookup the member by name or email address

  4. Select the trigger redemption button

  5. You will see a list of all unclaimed rewards in their Stamp Me account. Select the reward you want to redeem by checking the box. (note: if you see nothing listed, the member has no unclaimed reward vouchers in their App)

  6. Select Next

  7. Review and to confirm, select Proceed

The reward voucher has been redeemed for that member and the voucher has been removed from their account.

If you would like us to recall/delete a reward, please contact us.

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