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How to Issue Digital Gift Card Rewards on Stamp Me
How to Issue Digital Gift Card Rewards on Stamp Me

The default in-app Stamp Me voucher not for you? Learn two ways you can issue digital gift cards and e-voucher rewards through Stamp Me.

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Digital gift cards or e-vouchers can be offered as an alternative to the default in-app Stamp Me voucher (which is for face-to-face redemptions).

Examples of digital gift cards include prepaid Visa cards or gift cards from leading brands. These can be purchased from suppliers directly, or through websites like Prezze or Dundle.

The digital gift cards can be sent directly to your customer’s email inbox once they reach the required amount of stamps.

There are two ways to issue digital gift cards to your Stamp Me loyalty program customers:

1. Self managed

You can purchase the vouchers and manually email them to your members once they trigger the predetermined reward point.

We can send you an automated reward report on a periodic basis (daily, weekly or monthly), or trigger an email notification immediately, with the member details, so you know who to issue the vouchers to.

Alternatively, you can monitor the data in your Merchant Console.

You will be responsible for emailing the vouchers to your members.

2. Managed by Stamp Me

The second option is that we manage the whole process for you.

This will require us to purchase the vouchers and manage the issuing of them to customers on your behalf.

We will let you know when the pool of vouchers gets low, so we can get confirmation to buy more. Note: There are additional costs involved with this option, including an administration service fee + the face value of the vouchers.

If you would like to incorporate digital gift cards into your Stamp Me loyalty program, please contact us for more information.

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