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What is The Difference Between a Stamp Code, OneStamp and Join Code?
What is The Difference Between a Stamp Code, OneStamp and Join Code?

Learn about the different types of loyalty codes and their use-case situations.

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These types of codes create different outcomes when scanned or entered into the Stamp Me App and suit different situations.

Want a stamping method that is as easy as a tap?

Check out our new secure and simple stamping methods:


Tap to stamp

Our unique StampPod™️ sits on your countertop and works using ‘tap and go’ technology. Customers simply need to tap their phone on the pod to collect stamps - it’s that quick and easy!

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Or, if you're an on-the-go physical business, we also have a StampTag that would suit you perfectly.

StampTags also work with ‘tap and go’ technology. They are ideal for environments where staff should carry the stamp validation method on them for presenting to customers to tap, or if the pod is not suitable.

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The below graphic summarises the primary functions of each type of code:

A table showing the difference between a stamp code, a join code and one stamps

Want a quick overview of OneStamps and how it can be used for your business? Click here for a short video!

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