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Why Can't My Business Be Found via the In-app Search?
Why Can't My Business Be Found via the In-app Search?

If you or a member can't find your business or Stamp Card via Explore New Offers search check out these troubleshooting reasons.

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The in-app search function (formerly called Explore New Offers) allows users to find new Stamp Cards to join using their phone's GPS location services.

If you cannot find your business in the search list, it could be for one of these reasons:

1. You are over 100km away from the location address

Users can only find businesses within a 100km radius of their current location. The location is provided by you and entered into our system on sign up.

Solution: Ensure you are within 100km of the provided address. Other join methods are available if you are beyond this radius.

2. An incorrect address has been provided

If you have entered the incorrect address, this may result in you not being able to find your business location(s).

3. Stamp Card is set to private

If you have your Stamp Card set to private, this will hide it from the search list.

Solution: Set your Stamp Card to be public from the advanced card settings on your Merchant Console.

4. Phone location services are off

If you have denied location services for Stamp Me, the search list will be blank. An error message will be displayed telling you to turn on location services.

Solution: Enable your location services from your phone’s settings.

5. Your Stamp Card is disabled

If you have disabled your Stamp Card from your Merchant Console, it will disappear from the app for all members - both new and existing. It must be enabled for it to appear in search.

Solution: Enable your Stamp Card via your Merchant Console.

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