How to Add a New Stamp Card

How to set up another Stamp Card on Stamp Me

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Legacy Consoles

(Subscription before 28th March 2023)

To set up another Stamp Card for incentivising and rewarding the purchase of different products or services, please click the 'Add New Stamp Card' link at the top right on the Stamp Cards area of your Merchant Console.

Alternatively, please fill in this form with the following information:

  • Number of stamps

  • Reward(s) and on what stamp number(s)

  • Sign-up reward (if applicable)

  • The terms & conditions

  • Custom stamp icon (if applicable)

Once we have received this, we shall confirm we have set up your new card and revert with your Stamp Code via email, usually within 24 hours.

You will also see the card appear in the Stamp Cards area of your Merchant Console where you can then make minor changes, if required.

Beta V3 Consoles

(Subscription after 28th March 2023)

To add a new stamp card, log into your Merchant Console, select Stamp Cards from the red left hand menu and simply press Create New. Follow the steps and press finish when you are done.

Publishing any more than two active cards incurs a small extra one-time fee.

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