A sign-up reward (otherwise known as a 'join reward') is a reward voucher that is automatically issued to a member when they join your Stamp Me Stamp Card. They will only receive it once, the first time they join, even if they complete your stamp card multiple times.

A sign up reward is usually something like a free item/service, or discount in order to incentivise and make it more appealing to sign up to your loyalty program.

Typically the messaging on marketing materials of a program with a sign-up reward is: “Join our Stamp Me Loyalty Program today and instantly receive XXX on your next visit”.

Why should I offer a sign-up reward?

We’ve found that businesses who offer a decent reward upon sign-up build registrations more than three times faster than businesses that don’t offer any sign-up incentive.

Typically, once a member has joined the Stamp Card and triggered their sign-up reward, it will drive them back again in order to redeem it. You also then have the opportunity to win their continued loyalty through ongoing perks.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, it’s also a helpful selling point for staff as they can say something along the lines of “would you like a free XXX for joining our loyalty program today?”

What makes a good sign-up reward?

The sign-up reward should be far too enticing for a customer to say no and appeal to them then and there.

This could be something along the lines of a 25% discount off their purchase, a free coffee, or a free wax with their car wash, for example.

Need to add a sign-up reward?

Have you already got started and set up your Stamp Card on Stamp Me? If you want to add a join reward to it, just click here.

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