How To Issue Multiple Stamps

There are two ways you can issue multiple stamps for members who make multiple purchases and qualify. Find out more here.

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Multiple stamps can be issued to a member in a single scan of a Stamp Code or, they can be allowed to scan the Stamp Code multiple times. Multiple stamps can also be allocated through the Stamp Me Merchant Console.

This may be useful in the instance of multiple purchases that qualify for a stamp, or a special promotion such as a double stamp day.

There are two ways you can issue multiple stamps to customers:

  1. Allow the member to scan your Stamp Code more than once. Note: ensure you don’t have a time delay set up between stamp collections.

  2. Turn on a user-instructed multiple stamp validation feature. This setting will allow a member to select the number of stamps to collect in one scan from their app. They should show the screen to the staff to check it before scanning. Note: The default is to issue one stamp per scan.

Multiple stamp vs single stamp validation example:

If you would like us to activate the multiple stamp validation feature for your loyalty program, please do it from your Merchant Console Card Design settings or contact us.

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