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Pre-Paid Structure Options With Stamp Me
Pre-Paid Structure Options With Stamp Me

Learn how to set up a pre-paid style loyalty program on Stamp Me. Instructions included.

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While we no longer offer a dedicated pre-paid option, you can easily achieve a similar setup using Stamp Me's private offer feature. This approach offers greater flexibility and has proven successful for many businesses.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a Private Offer: Design an offer reflecting the amount the customer pre-pays (e.g., 10 coffees for $90). Learn how to create a private offer here.

  2. Invite the Customer: Once the customer pre-pays, invite them to join your loyalty program and redeem their private offer.

  3. One-Time Use: Set the offer to expire after a single redemption, ensuring the pre-paid amount is fully used.

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