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What is Validate Upon Redemption?

Learn how the Validate Upon Redemption setting can secure rewards and help you to track redemption locations.

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Validate Upon Redemption is a setting which when turned on, will require the member to verify their reward voucher against your stamp device or method to ‘unlock’ their voucher.

It is a small extra security step between the member pressing 'redeem' on their voucher, and the reward voucher actually being activated.

If they cannot validate against the stamp method when prompted, the reward voucher will not be activated.

This setting serves two purposes:

  1. It prevents the member triggering their reward voucher accidentally (such as at home, or when they are not actually ready to claim).

  2. It allows program admins to know where a voucher has been redeemed, if there is more than one location set up using a shared stamp card.

We highly recommend Validate Upon Redemption is turned on for multi-location shared Stamp Cards, so reward voucher claims can be tracked at a location level.

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