How Do I Set up Interim Rewards?

How to set up additional rewards on different stamps

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Interim rewards are rewards issued to members on the way to achieving the main reward (i.e. a stamp number smaller than the total number of stamps on the loyalty card). They are often smaller and keep momentum going to keep interacting with the program. You can have as many interim rewards as you like.

How to set up interim rewards:

Legacy Consoles

(Subscription before 28th March 2023)

Please contact us if you want to set up interim rewards on a Stamp Card.

Beta V3 Console

Subscription after 28th March 2023

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Select Stamp Cards from the red left hand menu

  3. Select the card you wish to edit by clicking on the card itself or select Edit Details by clicking the three dots at the top right of the card

  4. Under the Rewards section, press Add reward and select Interim under Reward type

  5. Specify Reward name, number of stamps required and other settings, if applicable

  6. Press Save & Exit

Interim rewards will appear on Stamp Cards from that point onwards as small gift icons, for new and existing members.

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