Join stamps are a great way of making a customer feel as though they have a head start on your stamp card when they first join it.

Typically people will add one or two free join stamps. We recommend you state you have included join stamps on your program on the back of the stamp cards, in the terms & conditions so members understand what has happened. However, join stamps are not mandatory.

Note: if a member scans your Stamp Code and it is the first time, they will get any free join stamps you set up for joining, as well as the stamp they are scanning the Stamp Code for.

Instructions how to add or remove join stamps:

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Select Stamp Cards from the red left-hand menu

  3. Select the card you wish to edit from the tabs at the top. If you only have one stamp card, you do not need to do this

  4. Select Edit details

  5. Enter the number of join stamps in the first field that says 'Join stamps'. For none, enter 0.

  6. Press Save & Exit to save changes

Changes are applied immediately to the Stamp Me App. Please note stamps will not be removed for anyone who received them previously. Changes are applied for new member joins moving forward.

If you are on a Lite plan with no Merchant Console, please contact us to add or remove join stamps.

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