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What To Do if You Don't Receive an OTP SMS Code
What To Do if You Don't Receive an OTP SMS Code

Here are some things to check if you do not receive the OTP SMS code when registering for Stamp Me, and how you can resolve the issue.

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To secure your Stamp Me account, we require SMS verification through a One Time Passcode (OTP).

If after a few minutes you do not receive the SMS code, please check the following:

  • You have entered your phone number in correctly

  • The message has not been filtered into a spam inbox

  • You have your phone data turned on

  • You have network reception

If you have checked all the above and have still not received the OTP SMS code, please exit the app and register again by re-entering your phone number. This will often resolve the issue and you will receive the SMS code.

If you are still having an issue, please contact us with your phone number, network provider name and country so we can investigate.

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