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I Am Not Receiving the Password Reset Email, Help!
I Am Not Receiving the Password Reset Email, Help!
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If you have forgotten the password to access your Stamp Me App account and you have pressed ‘Forgot Password?’ and then press ‘Reset Password’ but are not receiving the password reset email, read these troubleshooting steps;

1. Check the email address is correct

Ensure you have not put a typo in the email address field. Alternatively, ensure that you have entered the email address associated with the account, if you have multiple email addresses. If the account does not exist on Stamp Me, you will not get an email.

2. Check your junk/spam/promotions inbox

Sometimes the password reset emails can be filtered by your email provider. Please check all your junk inboxes to see if it’s there and then mark 'not spam'.

3. Still no luck? Contact us

Please contact us with your full name, phone number and the email address of your account, so we can reset the password for you and resolve the issue.

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