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How to Redeem a Reward In-Person
How to Redeem a Reward In-Person
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Instructions how to claim a reward voucher in-person:

  1. A red notification dot will show on the gift icon, notifying you of a new reward.

  2. Select the gift icon and select the reward voucher you wish to claim.

  3. A safety notification will pop-up asking you “do you want to redeem this reward now?” Important: wait until you are ready to claim the voucher at the checkout, as you cannot go back once you have pressed redeem.

  • If you select ‘cancel’ the reward will remain in ‘Rewards’.

  • If you select ‘redeem’, an animated reward voucher displays on screen to present to the staff.

  • You may be prompted to validate your reward against the Stamp Code, or device to ‘unlock’ it.

    4. The staff will look at the onscreen voucher and issue your reward in exchange.

    5. Press ‘complete’ to remove the screen once you have your reward (or it will time out after 3 minutes).

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