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Why Can't I Get a Stamp From a Device?
Why Can't I Get a Stamp From a Device?
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If you are having trouble collecting a stamp from a small plastic device, please follow the below troubleshooting instructions:

1. Ensure you have a network connection

You need to be connected to data or Wi-Fi on your phone to collect a stamp. Flight mode must be off. Otherwise, you will not be able to open the Stamp Me App, or it may crash.

2. Ensure you are joined to the Stamp Card first

In order to collect a stamp using a device, you must first be joined to the Stamp Card. The quickest way is via Explore New Offers searching or other ways to join are specified here.

Press ‘Stamp Me’ on the card you want to collect a stamp from, and when you see the red pulsating screen, touch your phone on the device.

3. Ensure Bluetooth/NFC is switched on

NFC/Bluetooth is required in order to collect a stamp using a device.

If you have an Apple device, please ensure your Bluetooth is switched on. If you have an Android device, please ensure your NFC is switched on.

If your phone does not have either of these, you will need to collect your stamp by scanning a code instead. You should ask the business for their Stamp Code.

4. Move your phone/touch the device

If you are using an Android phone, the back or side of your phone may need to be in contact with the device for a few seconds.

You may also need to move your phone around the device and try to find the exact NFC tag within your phone. A green screen with a check mark will confirm when you get a stamp.

5. Faulty device

If this is a recurring problem for you, the device may have stopped working. Please let us know so we can check.

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